Opening hours

The opening time for stores is as follows.Entire building: 10:00 to 21:00 (However, the 6F / 7F and 30F / 31F restaurant floors are open from 11:00 to 23:00). The opening hours differ for some stores.


1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0045

Transportation access
    Directly connected to Tokyo Skytree Station
  • TOBU SKYTREE Line,Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line,TOEI Asakusa Line
    Directly connected to Oshiage Station


About Tokyo Solamachi

  • What kind of place is Tokyo Solamachi?

    It is one of the largest commercial complexes in Tokyo and features an aquarium and planetarium.

  • Do you have floor maps in foreign languages?

    Yes. Tokyo Solamachi has floor maps available in English, Chinese, and Korean.

  • Can I take a photograph using a drone?

    The use of unmanned aircraft, including drones, is prohibited around Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN for safety reasons.

    • Please refrain from using small unmanned aircraft not stipulated in the law as well.

About business hours

  • What time do you open?

    The opening time for stores is as follows.Entire building: 10:00 to 21:00 (However, the 6F / 7F and 30F / 31F restaurant floors are open from 11:00 to 23:00).

    • The opening hours differ for some stores.
  • Are there any days that you are closed?

    We have no scheduled holidays.

About access

  • How can I get to Haneda Airport/Narita Airport from Solamachi?

    For details, please see here.(Access)

  • Please tell me in detail how I can get to Solamachi.

    For details, please see here. (Access)

About cashing and payments

  • Is there an ATM?

    There are ATMs located in Block 3 of 1F, Block 10 of 2F, Block 9 of 4F.There are also ATMs that allow you to withdraw cash using a credit card or a cash card issued by a foreign banking institution.

    • The cards that are accepted differ depending on the type of ATM.
  • Can I withdraw Japanese yen using a China UnionPay card?

    Yes. You can withdraw Japanese yen using the Seven Bank ATM located in Block 10 of 2F.

  • Can I use credit cards?

    Yes, various credit cards are accepted. However, there may be cases where credit cards cannot be used at some stores. For details, please check with the store.

  • Can I use travelers checks?

    We are sorry, travelers checks are not accepted.

  • Can I exchange foreign currency into Japanese yen?

    You can exchange foreign currency for Japanese currency.

    • 1F Block 12
    • 4F Block 10
    • 5F Block 5

About shops

  • Are there tax-free stores?

    Yes. For details, see here. (Shop Information)

  • Are there shop staff who can speak a foreign language?

    Yes. There are information staff who can speak English. Please feel free to ask them anything. Block 12 of 1F (Solamachi Shopping Arcade), Block 5 of 3F, Block 5 of 4F and Block 5 of 5F

  • Are there Japanese restaurants?

    There are Japanese restaurants in Tokyo Solamachi.

About services

  • Can I send products that I have purchased to an address overseas?

    Yes. You can make arrangements at the Sagawa Express Home Delivery / Temporary Baggage Storage Counter in Block 7 of 1F.

  • Are there baby rooms?

    Yes. Block 7 of 1F, Block 3 of 3F, Block 7 of 4F, and Block 9 of 6F (Solamachi Dining)

  • Can I rent a baby stroller?

    We do not offer any baby strollers for rent, but we have shopping wagons with a baby chair. In front of elevator in Block 3 of 1F, In front of escalators in Block 12 of 1F, Next to escalators in Block 3 of 2F,Block 5 of 3F

  • Can I rent a wheelchair?

    You can rent a wheelchair at the Information Counter in Block 12 of 1F, Information Counter in Block 5 of 3F and Information Counter in Block 5 of 4F.

  • Are there coin lockers?

    Yes. For details, please see here. (Facilities & Services) Costs are as follows. Large locker 700 yen, Medium locker 500 yen, Small locker 400 yen and Refrigerated locker 100 yen.

  • Where are the free Wi-Fi spots?

    TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN® offers free Wi-Fi ! SSID:TOBU_Free_Wi-Fi

    • Not available in certain areas. For instructions on how to use the free Wi-Fi, please see here. (WiFi)